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The firm’s tax litigation team assists clients in resolving complex tax controversies. Our clients include corporations, partnerships, and individuals facing various tax liabilities. We represent clients both in front of the tax administration and in front of the courts. We negotiate settlements with tax authorities on behalf of our clients and prepare them for and accompany them through the judicial process. Our tax litigation practice is closely connected with our other tax practices.

Recent matters include:

  • Tax controversy related to the transfer pricing policy of several international groups operating in the luxury industry
  • Tax controversy related to R&D tax credit
  • Tax controversy related to the international business restructuring of a Japanese MNE

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Dans cette article, Franck Le Mentec discute l’année fiscal 2016 du Royaume-Uni, avec un accent particulier sur l'augmentation des investissements, les nouvelles mesures anti-abus et les impacts du Brexit sur la fiscalité au Royaume-Uni et dans les pays partenaires.

(In this article, Franck Le Mentec discusses the 2016 fiscal year for the United Kingdom, with particular focus on the strengthening of measures to increase investment attractiveness, the introduction of new anti-avoidance measures, the conclusion of new tax treaties, the jurisprudential reconsideration of management packages, and the impacts of Brexit on taxation in both the United Kingdom and partner countries.)

C&G Partner Franck Le Mentec has co-authored La construction européenne en droit des affaires: acquis et perspectives (The Integration of European Business Law:  Policy and Practice).  With a preface by former French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, the study examines existing EU law in the realm of business, and discusses possible areas for expanded integration. 

In this article, Paris partner Franck Le Mentec discusses the important aspects of  tax law in the context of sports, citing two recent French case laws.


*Note: Article in French