The corporate bankruptcy & insolvency litigation landscape has drastically changed as a result of COVID-19. With government relief packages winding down, the financial impact of the pandemic will increasingly be playing out in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. As this picture becomes clear, businesses should understand the key questions and answers necessary to prepare for resulting disputes.

  • What are the common issues arising in the corporate bankruptcy and insolvency process in today’s market, and how will those issues complicate bankruptcy litigation?
  • How have recent court rulings impacted the corporate bankruptcy litigation space, and how are these issues likely to affect parties going forward?
  • What are the most significant factors in reaching as positive an outcome as possible for all parties involved in a bankruptcy dispute?

In this roundtable feature published by Financier Worldwide, Daniel H Tabak joins other bankruptcy and litigation experts from the United States and United Kingdom to answer these questions and more. The panelists discuss recent trends and examine what’s next for businesses that may find themselves navigating bankruptcy and insolvency disputes and what they need to know going forward.