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The firm’s employment attorneys represent employers and executives in a variety of litigation and counseling matters both in the United States and in France.

In the United States, Cohen & Gresser employment attorneys represent clients in state and federal court actions; other forums such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the New York State Division of Human Rights, and the New York City Commission on Human Rights; court monitorships; and investigations.  We also counsel employers and executives on a wide range of contractual and business matters, including employment, privacy, and social media policies and incident response plans.

In France, Cohen & Gresser employment attorneys have significant experience in counseling French and international employers and top managers/executives, as well as representing them in litigation relating to various employment and labor-related issues, including individual and collective relations. Our Paris attorneys also represent companies on all employment law aspects of mergers, acquisitions, and restructurings and provide advice on status, remuneration, and social coverage of top management/executives and corporate officers.

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Anna Milleret-Godet was featured in Le Figaro, one of France’s leading daily newspapers, in an article covering the recent landmark Paris Criminal Court decision in the France Télécom trial.  In the article, Anna discusses the court’s decision to convict three company executives for the work environment that contributed to multiple employee suicides, noting that this is the first time the court has recognized the existence of institutional moral harassment.  She also highlights the elements that may constitute this type of collective workplace harassment.

Anna Milleret-Godet was featured in the business section of Le Figaro, one of France's leading daily newspapers. She discussed the effects of the recent French employment reform implemented by the Macron decrees.

C&G welcomes the attorneys who joined the firm in 2017. "We’re very fortunate to have added these exceptional lawyers in New York and Paris," said Managing Partner, Lawrence T Gresser.  "We look forward to continuing to build our transactional and disputes practices in all of our offices in 2018."

Regards croisés entre Muriel Goldberg-Darmon et Angéline Duffour, associées spécialisées respectivement en Compliance et Droit social.

(Muriel Goldberg-Darmon and Angéline Duffour discuss internal investigations and the associated employment law risks.)

Negative employee attitudes, chronic complaining, insubordination and gossiping are bad for the workplace. They can impact employee morale and productivity and if spread outside of the organization, reflect very poorly on that company. While employers should have appropriate written polices and promptly address employee griping and rudeness head on -- through investigations, frank discussions, performance reviews, enforcement of clearly delineated policies and procedures and disciplinary measures when necessary --- employers must tread carefully. Not all gripes are created equal . Some complaints constitute legally protected activity, and efforts to curb them could run afoul of labor laws. If your managers are not properly trained to handle employee complaints and negative attitudes, they may quite literally turn annoying but manageable situations into federal cases.
On September 22, 2019, Erica Lai moderated a panel on economic justice issues facing Asian American and Pacific Islander women, including equal pay, occupational segregation, wage theft, pregnancy discrimination, and sexual harassment.  Speakers included Jenny R. Yang (Urban Institute senior fellow and former U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Chair), Lisa P. Mak (Minami Tamaki LLP employment attorney), and Seri Lee (NAPAWF labor organizer).  The panel was part of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum Power Up Conference, held in Washington, D.C.